BOSTON - Established in 1997 by alumni of MIT, Economic Development Research Group's core philosophy is "to contribute to a better society by enhancing our understanding of economic processes and by improving the tools we have for decision-support regarding policies and investments."

"Past and current clients of EDR Group span nearly every state in the US and nearly every province in Canada. They also include organizations located in the Australia, China, Singapore, England, Scotland, Netherlands, South Africa, and elsewhere around the world. About 2/3 are government agencies, the rest are private companies and regional business organizations. We also commonly work with engineering and planning firms around the world."

Project Description

As a long-time client of Netxpress Design, EDRG's current site is the latest of several updates. Project goals included reflecting the authority the firm holds in its field and providing a user-friendly experience and logical organization to the large site containing a document library. To that end, a minimalist and clear design was used including breadcrumbs and color-coded sections.

The client also wanted to better integrate areas of expertise with services provided, project examples and trending topics. Custom illustrations add visual interest and help explain details of the services.

Site Features

  • Joomla!® Content Management System
  • Responsive Design
  • Optimized for Search Engines
  • Slide Show
  • Integrated SEO Tools
  • Integrated Blogging System
  • Logo Design